2018 Jr Liaisons

Rhiannon Allison


Madison Morton



"Ferda Bois"
McKenna Ochitwa 6491
Kaelie Morton 6606
Kyler Connelly 6665
Zachery Gaetz 6250
Faith Perrin 6119
Jarin Robinson 692
Ryder Faulkner 6121
Trac Klassen
Tristin Duchene 602X
Cole Blagdon 643
Kloey Mills 666X
Morgan Blagdon


"Crazy Dragsters" 
Rhiannon Allison 6044 
Ethan Ochitwa 6918 
CJ Gessell 6888 
Shelby Hagen 605 
Hailey Robinson 622X 
Kaden Klassen 
Timothy Heiber 600X 
Landon Scott 6710 
Logan Hokanson 6618 
Jayden Melnyk 1332 
Sam Carson 
Evan Bast 
Jax Loblick 

Update for the 2018 race season:

There will be two classes on points day races - Thunder and Lightning.

These classes are based on age. They are based on the driver's age as of January 1, 2018. If the driver has ​their 13th birthday during race season, they have the choice to move up to the Lightning class. ​If they move up, ​ their points do not carry over to the Lightning class. ​If they remain in the Thunder class, they have to abide by the 8.90 or slower rule. ​

The age groups in the NHRA rulebook are:

YOUTH: ages 6 and 7; dial-in restricted to 13.90 seconds or slower.
NOVICE: ages 8 and 9; dial-in restricted to 11.90 seconds or slower.
INTERMEDIATE: ages 10 to 12; dial-in restricted to 8.90 seconds or slower.

These three groups would make up the Thunder class.


ADVANCED: ages 13 to 18; dial-in restricted to 7.90 seconds or slower.

Only advanced drivers - ages 13-18 will make up the Lightening class.

They do not have to run 7.9 seconds - the dial in would be set according to the car the driver is running. Based on age, they would still be in the Lightening class.


Car count:

If the car count is low on points days, we will still run classes. If only one Thunder racer shows up - they will win the points for that day. 
We are hoping to have some days that are non-points days to allow older/younger racers to compete against each other.

If you have any questions, please contact the Nitro Ratz Executive.

2018 Board

President - Lindsay Faulkner
Vice President - Jason DuChene
Treasurer - Andy Heiber
Secretary - Colleen Allison
Track Liaison - Shawn Loblick
Director (1)- Paul Blagdon
Director (2)- Arleigh Michaud

email: info@nitroratz.com

2018 Membership Now Open

Forms are available HERE

E-Transfers are accepted at e-transfer@nitoratz.com

use "ratz" for a security question answer


"The Racers" 
Brody Allison 6144 
Tabatha Heiber 690X 
Rebecca Bartel 6055 
Danielle Modersohn 665X 
Calum Kestner 6022 
Jack Carson 
Connor Scott C606 
Kiandra Gaetz 628 
Faith Loblick 647 
Tyler Gallant 669 
Kassie Connelly 6667
Reese Scott

2018 Jr Teams



Ryan O'Connor 6793
Shaylynne Smith 6596
Kassie Thomas 645
Tanner Gaetz 6019
Zak Kestner 6020
Benjamin Carson
Keith Dennis
Hannah Robinson 626X
Karson Connelly 6666
Holden Frattin 6379
Jacob Mills 677X
Daniel O'Connor 6071
Lemmy Green
Sully Green